‘Maybe I’ll end up in a heap’ – Postecoglou ‘relishing’ in Man City challenge

Ange Postecoglou insists he’s enjoying having to face Manchester City amid Tottenham’s injury crisis.

The Spurs boss has been dealt a tricky hand in recent weeks, going from a record-breaking start to his time in the Premier League to losing three games in a row and missing star players.

Postecoglou says he's enjoying being challenged after a smooth start to life in the Premier League


Postecoglou says he’s enjoying being challenged after a smooth start to life in the Premier LeagueCredit: Getty

James Maddison and Micky van de Ven are among the key personnel on the sidelines.

But despite having the terrifying task of facing reigning Premier League and Champions League winners Manchester City amidst an injury crisis this weekend, Postecoglou insists he’s going to keep his players implementing the same philosophies he’s been drilling in all season.

“I’m sure the players are thinking ‘is this really going to work against Man City?’ And those are justifiable questions that they need to ask,” Postecoglou explained.

“My role is to show them that this is still the way forward for us as a group. If we’re ever going to bridge that gap to being a successful side, we have to believe in the football we want to play.

“Even though the last few results haven’t been great, I don’t think the players have felt like they struggled out there.

“They still felt there were parts of the game when we were dominant, so they can see when we’re on it and we’re doing things right, even with so many absences, we’re still a very good football team. I don’t feel like it’s at a point where I’m losing people.”

Postecoglou highlighted Man City boss Pep Guardiola‘s start to life at the Etihad as a reason to sticking to his convictions.

He said: “There are plenty of coaches that coach very differently to me, but they’re at that club for four or five years and they have that success. That’s what I’m talking about with a plan.

Postecoglou has compared his journey to Guardiola's


Postecoglou has compared his journey to Guardiola’sCredit: AFP

“It’s not about just playing one way or having a clear identity. Having a plan means getting the right people involved in the club who you believe will take you where you want to go.

“Then you invest in them, in the club, in the squad and you stick to that plan. It doesn’t mean that’s just exactly the same as anyone else.

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“City are different to Arsenal, Arsenal are different to Liverpool, Liverpool are different to both of them but as far as I can see they have the same managers and they’ve gone through tough times.

“They saw something in them. You have to show something, it’s not just about blindly appointing someone and saying you’ve got five years, but those managers have shown they have a plan and the club have said ‘let’s back these people.'”

And despite having the prospect of continuing a losing run lurking in the shadows, the Aussie was characteristically upbeat about the challenge.

Postecoglou added: “I think I enjoy it after when you come out the other side! Nah, I love it, mate. I love it. I don’t think anyone goes into management, or anything you do in life, thinking it’s going to be smooth.

“There’s going to be some rough moments and you’ve got to be prepared for that, you’ve got to enjoy that. The alternative is I’m not in a job and I’m sitting on my couch with no pressure on me and no one questioning anything.

“I’m at a fantastic football club, I’m in the best league in the world, getting challenged every week. Why wouldn’t I be enjoying it? The reason I think I really relish them is because my belief gets tested on a daily basis, whether internally or externally.

“Even internally people will always ask those questions, ‘can you do this? Are you able to continue playing this way?’ or ‘is it working or is it not working?’ All those kind of things.

“When I lay my head at night, I just believe in it. I get up the next day thinking I feel strongly about it. Maybe I’ll end up in a heap, mate, I don’t know, because there are no guarantees. But my gut tells me that I won’t. I enjoy it.”

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