Tai Emery still gets thanked for starting flashing celebration and she loves it

Tai Emery has described her infamous flashing celebration as her ‘Statue of Liberty’ moment.

After winning her debut bare knuckle boxing fight by stunning knockout, Emery surprised everyone in he arena when she flashed her chest to the crowd in celebration.

Tai Emery went viral following her BKFC debut win


Tai Emery went viral following her BKFC debut win

This moment went viral and it has since started a wave of other sports stars doing the same celebration, including most notably influencer boxer Daniella Hemsley.

“I get so many good laughs and I still get tagged in any girl that’s done it,” Emery told talkSPORT.

“I think there was two twins in Russia and then there was two people who kissed, I got tagged in that as well and certain things Ebanie [Bridges] does I get tagged in that too and then obviously Daniella Hemsley.

“But, I think the best thing is the humour that comes around it, people joke ‘God bless you Tai’ and I think that’s funny.

“It was just one moment over a year ago and people are still having a joke saying, ‘Thank you Tai, God bless you, you’ve started a wave, may there be more t***ies’ there’s nothing wrong with that.”

As well as enjoying people’s reaction from a humour standpoint, Emery also believes the moment had a positive effect in terms of empowering women to be able to do what they want with their bodies.

“If that’s the legacy and I get to make people laugh and also give encouragement to women to be able to have ownership of their bodies,” Emery said.

“And I think right now jokes aside I think we can really see there is such a difference in women power and what men can do and what women can’t do and can do.

“So, I think even if in some small way it’s edging this boundary, because people can call you nasty names and then they can really go through my resume and they start to see this person is actually intelligent, this person did a man’s occupation, she was an electrician, they can’t even fathom who I am as a person just because of those things and then linking it to a boob viral flash moment.”

Emery continued: “I think it’s a legacy to be honest, that’s my Statue of Liberty whether I do still love it or not, whether other people love it or not.

“It’s still a Statue of Liberty moment, it’s still a free the t***ies moment and to be honest there is something freeing about it.”

As for Emery’s next bout, she has nothing lined up for the time being, but the Aussie revealed that she has been exploring a number of promotions and she could even be interested in getting into influencer boxing with KSI‘s promotional company, Misfits Boxing.

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