Ferdinand jokingly demands ex-Man City man’s winners’ medal amid sanction threat

Rio Ferdinand has hilariously demanded that Joleon Lescott hand over his Premier League winners’ medal amid the threat of sanctions against Manchester City.

City are currently under investigation for an alleged 115 breaches of the top-flight’s Financial Fair Play rules, with many outcomes possible should they be found guilty, including their titles being stripped.

And Ferdinand senses he could get his seventh Premier League winners' medal


And Ferdinand senses he could get his seventh Premier League winners’ medalCredit: FIVE, Ferdinand’s YouTube channel

And amid this threat, Manchester United icon Ferdinand had a direct message for former Man City defender Lescott.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, FIVE, Ferdinand directly called out his fellow ex-England defender.

He said: “If anything happens with City, and they get punished. Joleon, I want your medal hand-delivered to my house, and I am wearing that medal.”

Lescott was part of the City side that famously won their first Premier League title ahead of United on the last day of the 2011/12 season when they came from 2-1 down against QPR to win 3-2, with a last-gasp Sergio Aguero goal, denying Ferdinand and Man United the title in the most dramatic way.

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Ferdinand added: “That Aguero moment has gone, so, Joleon, just make sure you bring the medal.”

Of course, this is very much a hypothetical situation, and it should be clear that Ferdinand is very much joking.

In terms of the alleged charges, City are yet to be found guilty of anything, and it could be some time before any resolution is found.

And even if they are found guilty, the punishments are also unknown. Everton were docked ten points for violating the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules last week.

This is the medal that Ferdinand wants


This is the medal that Ferdinand wantsCredit: PAUL ELLIS/AFP/GettyImages

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