Dana White uses Ronda Rousey comparison to talk up ‘beast’ female commentator Laura Sanko

Dana White has lavished praise on UFC commentator Laura Sanko after she wowed fans at UFC 293.

Sanko became the first female lead commentator at the event in Australia and received rave reviews for her performance.

Sanko starred behind the mike at UFC293


Sanko starred behind the mike at UFC293Credit: Getty
White was grinning when discussing such a brilliant performance


White was grinning when discussing such a brilliant performanceCredit: @jedigoodman

Earlier this year, the Chicago-born former MMA fighter became the first female in the modern UFC era to commentate on an event, and her limits are showing no bounds.

Now she has the support of White to add to that, and a new nickname to boot.

“She has worked so hard,” the UFC CEO told the media. “I say this all the time, the key to being successful in life is knowing what you want to do. 

“Once you know who you are, you know exactly what it is you want to do, you get up every day and you grind until you get it. She is the perfect example of that. 

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“What she has done in such a short amount of time is amazing.

“She’s so talented. ‘DC’ [Daniel Cormier] flew home with me today, so we were talking on the plane and talking about his first time showing up to the Contender Series, he wasn’t prepared as he probably should have been and how Laura was crushing him in the meetings, running circles around him.”

Explaining what makes Sanko so special, White continued: “She knew every single thing about every kid here and watched every fight that you could watch on the card. 

“She’s a true professional. She knows she’s like the Ronda Rousey of commentating. 

“She knows she’s first, she knows she’s carrying the banner for women to break into this role, and she’s doing everything she can to make sure she’s always the best she can possibly be.

“She’s an absolute pro. And a beast.”

Adding to the praise was UFC legend Conor McGregor, who loved one line in particular.

“Sanko is incredible!,” he wrote. “Spins the chin but nothin’ doin’” Love it. Incredibly refreshing addition! Hats off to the whole @ufc crew! Stellar this evening is! Bravo! Only getting better! What a machine!”

Sanko replied to the Irishmen’s tweet by saying: “Thank you for the props…dream come true for me to be able to call that card tonight and that tweet is going in my scrapbook.”

McGregor loved it too


McGregor loved it tooCredit: @TheNotoriousMMA

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