Global Governance: The Great Reset and the End of Sovereignty

Global governance. The great reset. It sounds like what it is—a global overhaul of how we live our lives. The World Health Organization justifies it in order to prevent another pandemic catastrophe. The United Nations says it’s due to rapid climate change. The World Economic Forum thinks it’s time for a new industrial revolution.

All of these point to a loss of national and individual liberty and sovereignty, in favor of rule by globalists who claim to be experts. They certainly have the power to back it up, but is their help really necessary? What good have they done for the world so far? And what harm?

Our guest panelists Jordan Schachtel, James Roguski, and Alex Newman help us unpack their agendas, how long they’ve been in motion, and what’s the end game. And they share with us what our governments—and we as individuals—can do.

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